Sleep Patient Success Stories – Plano, TX

The Experiences of Our Patients

Living with sleep apnea or any kind of sleep disorder can feel as if you’re all alone. It might seem as if no one else can understand the struggle or challenges you’re facing. However, the stories shared by many of our patients can help to encourage you to seek treatment and a better quality of life. As part of our efforts to improve patient education and make sleep medicine a viable and accessible solution for individuals in Plano and its surrounding areas, we’ve compiled some patient success stories you can review by visiting the link below.

Timothy Needed a CPAP Alternative

Plano sleep apnea patient Timothy talking to sleep doctor

"I tried CPAP but felt claustrophobic…the oral appliance is lightweight, and I love it! Now I have more energy to do [the things I love]."

Ellwyn’s Fatigue Was Dangerous

Man receiving oral appliance from Plano sleep doctor

“Before I found treatment for sleep apnea, I felt draggy and fatigued…especially when I felt sleepy in the car, I got alarmed and I realized it was time to do something.”

Sebastien Had No Energy for His Family

Selfie of man running a 5 K race

“The person that told me I had a snoring problem was my wife. [It was] to the point where she had to start sleeping with earplugs…one thing I can say for sure is that the device, the advice, and the treatment that I got from Star Sleep & Wellness really changed my life.”

Jeff’s Snoring Was Taking a Toll

Plano sleep center team member talking to a patient

“My wife complained for years [about my snoring]…and she was really worried about the apnea situation…I’d heard horror stories about the CPAP machine…when I heard about the appliance, that’s what encouraged me to seek treatment.”

Steve’s Sleep Apnea was bothering him and his wife

Plano sleep apnea patient Steve

“I needed a referral for Dr. Kent Smith. Seven years later, I am getting my second appliance. And, it works. You can ask my wife!”